2017 National Summit on Design & Urban Mobility

On September 14, 2016, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto called an Uber and made history. At that moment, the mayor became the first customer to take a ride in a driverless car and changed the way we perceive the future of mobility. Given the rapid pace of autonomous and connected technological advancements in mobility, it won’t be long before rides like Mayor Peduto’s are no longer newsworthy but the norm. As advances in the deployment of autonomous vehicles increased, it was time to more deeply explore how these innovations will redefine mobility in – and the design of – cities.

In May of 2017, the American Architectural Foundation (AAF), in association with Mayor Bill Peduto and the City of Pittsburgh, convened a National Summit on Design & Urban Mobility, with a focus on the nexus of public policy, urban planning, and innovative technology. The objectives of the Summit were to create recommendations, strategies, and ideas that lead to the best outcomes for cities and citizens. Because Pittsburgh has become the epicenter for autonomous transportation, it was the natural place for this national Summit to be convened.

The National Summit on Design & Urban Mobility was an invitation-only event designed to help shape the national discussion on urban transportation, support the growing network of thought leaders around urban mobility issues, and provide actionable strategies for government officials and urban designers.

Visit the Summit website here.

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